At Upstream, we understand the complex issues and regulatory environment faced by organizations in the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Environmental research business.



Bioinformatics, Pharmaceuticals,GeneTherapy, Pharmacogenomics, Genetic Testing

Medical Devices

Biomedical, In vitro – Medical/Surgical Instruments, Durable Medical Equipment, Implants, Diagnostic Equipment, Electronic Medical Records


Research & Development and Manufacturing

Food, Beverage & Cosmetics

Production, Manufacturing, QA/Testing

Environmental/Industrial Labs

Consumer Product Testing, Soil, Water, Atmosphere, Industrial Materials


  • Scientists: Biologist, Microbiologist, Earth
  • Chemists: Analytical, Biochemist, Inorganic, Organic
  • Engineers: Bioprocess Engineer, Chemical, Mechanical, Materials
  • Quality Assurance
  • Lab Technicians

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