R Systems helps industries evolve towards accelerated growth and new revenue streams by leveraging the power of big data and analytics. Our leading edge solutions are designed to address specific challenges of different industries to ensure true digital transformation and help our clients keep an innovative approach backed by data-driven decisions.

Finance and Insurance

Automate, customize and personalize banking services

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Automate, customize and personalize banking services

Retail and E-commerce

Helping Retailers Become Customer-Centric.


Accelerate your time to market to drive business growth.


Reduce risks at both infrastructure and operational levels.


Reinventing the Way Governments Govern.


Bioinformatics, Pharmaceuticals,GeneTherapy, Pharmacogenomics, Genetic Testing

Medical Devices

Biomedical, In vitro – Medical/Surgical Instruments, Durable Medical Equipment, Implants, Diagnostic Equipment, Electronic Medical Records

Environmental/Industrial Labs

Consumer Product Testing, Soil, Water, Atmosphere, Industrial Materials

Food, Beverage & Cosmetics

Production, Manufacturing, QA/Testing


Transmission and Distribution, Generation, R&D – Renewable Energy, Construction and Maintenance

Smart Grid Technologies

Network Product Platform Development, Infrastructure Design, Installation, Monitoring and Maintenance, Intelligent Substation Deployment, IT Backend Applications (Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing)


Search Providers, Information Portals, Social Media, SaaS Applications


Retail/Wholesale, Business2Business(B2B), Business2Customer (B2C), Business2Government (B2G)

Digital Communications

Interactive Marketing, Branding, Market Research/Business Intelligence, Analytics, Advertising, Communications and Public Relations

Telecom Services

Communications Equipment, Wireline Carriers (Long Distance, ILEC, LEC), Wireless/Mobile Services

IT Infrastructure Support

Data and Telecom Networks – LAN/WAN, Enterprise and Mainframe,Mobile, Systems/Platforms – PC


Research & Development and Manufacturing

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