Our Data engineering solutions enable companies to design, build and support all the data-driven processes.

Data Warehousing

Your data warehouse is like the foundation of your home. It needs to be sound to support everything in it. Analytics should never be an afterthought when it comes to housing your data. It can help you realize a great return on investment and ensure the foundation of your business is in top-notch shape. We can help you analyze your business needs to drive the design of your data warehouse, including a solid data model, business intelligence framework, smart database and an efficient data integration architecture so that it’s optimal for analytics and business intelligence. Our services include ETL, data quality, master data management. logical data model, data governance.

Big Data Engineering

We help strategize a business-technology partnership. We appreciate how a varied mix of strategies is required to ensure that your data is leveraged to deliver higher value. We evaluate your data ecosystem and then hand pick the right kind of data scientists, statisticians, BI analysts, SMEs etc to tackle your specific problem.

Data Visualization

We help stimulate business decisions through simple, clear and interactive data visuals.  At Upstream, we use state-of-the-art data visualization techniques and principles to give you a detailed view of the information and guide it towards actionable decisions

Data Science

Our custom data science applications help make your business more profitable, efficient and focused. Our data science analytics expertise encompasses:  Machine Learning, Forecasting, Predictive Modeling, Mathematical Optimization, Discrete Event Simulation, Descriptive Analytics, Classification and Segmentation, Survival Analysis.

Data Migration and Consolidation

Our Data Migration and Consolidation services help you gain control over your data through high-end robust solutions to migrate and consolidate your critical business data. Our solutions include profiling, cleansing and monitoring to improve data quality, metadata to ensure consistent definitions and usage.

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